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A dark berry colour dominates the collection and rhinestones, glitter details, elaborate quilting and cords give it a particularly classy look. The elastic functional shirt Berry Lace even features classy lace and sparkling buttons and thus has the potential to become the new favourite piece, not only, but also, in the riding stable.

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#equestrianfashion #rideinstyle #hkmsports


Brown and green dominate Basil, a collection in which the diamond quilting provides a fashionable upgrade. On the one hand, this is the basis of the jacket and waistcoat and on the other hand, it can be found on the saddle pad and sweat rug in the form of a noble border. In addition, glittering threads and stones underline the trendy character of this product line, which is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

#hkmbasil #equestrianstyle 

#equestrianfashion #rideinstyle #hkmsports


The first HKM Selection collection comes in a classy world of colours, ranging from soft vanilla to beige and orange to strong dark brown. Noble waffle stitching and triple cords as well as rivets and rhinestones, along with carefully selected materials, underline the premium character of the product line and remind us of a fairytale world somewhere in Marrakesh.

#hkmmarrakesh #equestrianstyle 


#equestrianfashion #rideinstyle #hkmsports


Lyon has a sporty look, based on dark blue and earthy basic tones, which are accompanied by fine orange accents and a large-scale pattern insert in a graphic look. In addition, a round design element with a saddle and boot motif runs through the entire collection as a modern eye-catcher - embroidered, punched and printed.

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#hkmsportsequipment #equestrianfashion

Equine Sports Style

The new Equine Sports style collection has a particularly classic look. A bright red as well as classic dark blue and grey act as the basic colours, a glittering stirrup, decorated with many rhinestones, makes every part of the product line a fashion statement. Like all style collections, Equine Sports is only available from specialist retailers and here, in the HKM online shop.

#hkmequine #horsestyle #equestriansofinstagram

#hkmsportsequipment #equestrianfashion #hkmstyle

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